NDEAM Profile: Damon Walker, Youth Opportunities Coordinator, Paraplegic

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To continue our daily profiles for National Disability Employment Awareness Month, meet Damon Walker, a youth opportunities coordinator from Maryland.

In the comments below, please share if you are ❀ working post spinal cord injury, πŸ’š when you started, and πŸ’™ what you love most about your job πŸ‘


Damon Walker



Where Do You Live?

Baltimore, Maryland

How and When Were You Injured?

“Gunshot wound in 1996. T-12 L-1.”

Were You Employed Your Injury?

“Yes, 4 months.”

What is Your Current Job and What Do You Do?

“Youth Opportunities Coordinator.” “Baltimore Youth Arts. I mitigated and advocate for youth in DJS Detention.”

How Did You Find Your Job?

β€œGoogle search.”

How Long Did You Search for Your Current Job?

β€œ3 months.”

Please Name Any Programs That Supported You Finding or Maintaining Your Current Job:


What Kind of Disability Accommodations, If Any, Have You Requested and Received from Your Employer?

“A basic understand that some of my days will be better then others when it comes to dead lines and etc.”

Do You Have Any Tips or Tricks to Share on Finding a Job?

“Look for a job in tune with your heart and it will lead to financial independence.”

Do You Have Any Tips or Tricks to Share on Maintaining Employment for the Long Term?

“Do it for the love as much as or even more then for money.”

If You Could Go Back in Time, What Advice Would You Give Yourself Before Pursuing Your Job or Career Path?

“Collect as many skills as possible and work for skills not money.”

Is There Anything Else You’d Like to Add About Your Job Search or Employment Experience?

“Every no gets you closer to a yes.”

β€” Follow Damon at https://www.instagram.com/Damazo444


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