Our Vision

We envision a society where people with paralysis are no longer isolated and can return to being active members of the community. In order to realize that goal, we need to unite our community and find strength in the power of our experiences.

About Us

SPINALpedia is a social mentoring network and video archive that allows the spinal cord injury community to motivate each other with the knowledge and triumphs gained from our individual experiences.

Hi guys,

Here's a video of me transferring into the truck I drive. It's a modified Chevrolet Colorado with hand controls, a chair li... show more
Recent manual ramp rental van from Mobility Works in Fresno, California.
여러분! 제가 (척수손상 C6,C7) 직접 휠체어를 차에 싣는 방법입니다.
저처럼 다친분들이 보시고 방법... show more
Cole Sydnor, paralyzed for 5 1/2 years, stands, walks, and hugs his big bro Quint, grandparents, and ICU nurse Jenny for the first time... show more

theophania794 hours ago

Always great to see a quad get up and stand/walk!
Being in pain sucks, being in pain in a wheelchair suck even harder! Here are some of my top tips for managing your pain.

SPINALpedia4 hours ago

What a great video. He is doing a public service by showing how to relieve chronic pain without opioids.
In this two-minute-Tuesday, Brian shows how he drives our motor home as a paraplegic

Paralife Episode 4 - How we use the cinema and the gym in a wheelchair.

This is our third week since Craig left rehab after his SCI... show more

theophania794 hours ago

And here I am staying in my wheelchair at the theater...not that I go as much as before.
I want to share some videos about spasms and how they affect daily living.

With contributions from viewers like you I am able to cr... show more
Laura Bain stops by the Lakeshore Curling Club in Sackville, Nova Scotia, to investigate recreational wheelchair curling, and speaks to... show more
What an awesome athlete: Bastien Perret from Magic Bastos was visiting AREA 47 - Tirol and shared his unique and #inspiring #story! ❤... show more