Our Vision

We envision a society where people with paralysis are no longer isolated and can return to being active members of the community. In order to realize that goal, we need to unite our community and find strength in the power of our experiences.

About Us

SPINALpedia is a social mentoring network and video archive that allows the spinal cord injury community to motivate each other with the knowledge and triumphs gained from our individual experiences.

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What are your plans and goals for 2018?

Some of my plans and goals for 2018:
Drivers License
Camp PossAbility - 3rd Year
Become 1... show more

alflyhigh1 day ago

Whatup Mason!! Im going to check out the movie 12 Strong sometime within the next week. You have some great goals that are one hundred ... show more

masonx541 day ago

Hey! That is true and thank you!

alflyhigh18 hours ago

U welcome my man. Stay busy
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Kiana has been overthinking her video about not overthinking when you're socialising with someone in a wheelchair.

In this video, K... show more