Our Vision

We envision a society where people with paralysis are no longer isolated and can return to being active members of the community. In order to realize that goal, we need to unite our community and find strength in the power of our experiences.

About Us

SPINALpedia is a social mentoring network and video archive that allows the spinal cord injury community to motivate each other with the knowledge and triumphs gained from our individual experiences.

Disabled man getting license in Las Vegas, showing driverless tech's potential
I love this photo!
More information en our tour of Brittany in France, we decided to embark on a ferry and visit Belle Ile, one of the most beautiful isl... show more
Former Indy Racing League driver Sam Schmidt netted first victory at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 1999. On Jan. 6, 2000, Schmidt crashed... show more
NBC's Harry Smith interviewed SAM Car driver Sam Schmidt just before he took the track at Long Beach.

Ofc. Jim Mullen quadriplegic demonstrating the Emerson cough assist device for clearing secretions from your lungs without the use of a... show more
A specially modified car is allowing an ex-racing driver, who became quadriplegic after a car accident, to drive on public roads in the... show more
Universal Design features highlighted in tour of the 550M FabCab model at the 2010 Seattle Home Show
One of my "cheats" of how I sit more comfortably in jeans. Also easier dressing/undressing.