SPINALpedia Frequently Asked Questions

SPINALpedia is a social mentoring network and video archive that allows the spinal cord injury community to motivate each other with the knowledge and triumphs gained from our individual experiences.

The experts of life with paralysis are the people who live it every day, injured or not. With an incredible diversity of experiences and challenges for a variety of people and injuries, the process of adaptation is daunting and complicated. With SPINALpedia, we give people the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others, meeting a diversity of needs and creating a dynamic, sustainable community grounded in our common desire to overcome the challenges of paralysis.

Membership to SPINALpedia is totally free, including profile features, access to the members of the community and the video content.

SPINALpedia has more to offer when you sign up for an account. By including information relevant to your experience with paralysis and spinal cord injury through our tag system, SPINALpedia works to bring you relevant content. The tags allow us to organize our content and members, giving you the freedom to explore content without the hassle of sorting through a maze of unnecessary information.

Yes. In fact, we strongly encourage non-injured family members, friends and supporters to create an account and share in the benefits of the site. Many existing resources primarily target the person injured, but others who are involved in that person’s life are equally in need of support. Spouses, significant others, siblings, children, parents, friends – there are numerous people who have stories to share and questions to ask and for SPINALpedia, we believe the spinal cord injury community is a combination of everyone affected, not just those dealing with the physical repercussions.

After registering or logging in, you can share your videos, photos, websites, or anything else with the community. This information can be shared, tagged and organized on your profile page within the “Share Content.” You can also communicate with other members as a mentor or mentee.

You can post any question to your profile page content area. Your question will be viewable on the homepage within the community feed. Remember for medical advice, you should always consult your doctor or a spinal cord injury specialist. Another great place to post a question is on the spinal cord injury message board run by Rutgers University, Carecure. You can visit this message board at Carecure.org.

The videos on our site are all pulled from YouTube.

Subscriptions are one way to stay connected to a user whose videos are interesting or helpful for you. By selecting ‘Subscribe’ when watching a video, you will automatically be notified every time that user uploads another video. You can manage your subscriptions from your profile page.

E-mail notification settings are found in your Account Settings, accessible from your personal profile page.

Visit your profile and share your story in the “Share Content” field.


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