Life After Paralysis Episode 38: Peter Yeo’s Mobility-Enhancing Surgeries

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In ep. 38, Peter Yeo, a C4 incomplete quadriplegic from British Columbia, Canada, shares two surgeries that helped him regain movement after his spinal cord injury, including a groundbreaking therapy to treat spasms after maxing the daily maximum of Baclofen. He was also the first to receive this treatment.

And although he still has limited upper-body mobility, the surgeries were able to restore some function he did not have before. Peter also shares the therapy he is still doing at Neuromotion Rehabilitation on a weekly basis. He is also a singer. Run-time of this episode is 25 minutes.

If you have any questions about Peter’s surgeries or if would you like to connect with him, you can reach him via his Instagram at @pt_hwoarang

Peter with his new hobby he started post-injury – collecting movie/anime figurines

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