Support Groups in Your State

One of the most important things you can do to help your recovery after a spinal cord injury is to consider joining a support group for people with spinal cord injuries. Talking to people who 100% know where you’re going through can be some of the best therapy, both psychologically and physically. Fortunately, there are support groups all around the country for people with SCI.

You can find many support groups within spinal cord injury rehabilitation hospitals, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic many have transitioned online making them easier than ever to attend. These support groups are open to anyone with a SCI, whether they are or were a patient there.

The United Spinal Association, one of the oldest organizations in the country for people with spinal cord injuries, has created a widespread network of peer support groups for people with SCI called the “Spinal Network.” You can find all Spinal Network support groups that are available across the country listed state-by-state.

This database is constantly being updated, as the various support groups change and grow. The United Spinal Foundation also teamed up with Hollister, a medical supply company, to create their network of support groups. Check out their “Spinal Network,” and find a support group near you here: Support Groups – United Spinal Association

Remember that taking part in an on-going support group for people with SCI has many benefits. Not only is it great for socialization, you get to learn from combined experience, such as transfer tricks or clothing tips, and you get to learn about recreational opportunities for people with SCI, such as being introduced to rugby or dance. Nothing beats real advice from people who’ve lived with paralysis.


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