Spinal Cord Injury Legal Support

Spinal Cord Injury Legal Support

SPINALpedia has two lawyers with spinal cord injuries at the helm of what we do on a daily basis, Josh Basile, a C4-5 quadriplegic, and Kelley Brooks-Simoneaux, a T12 paraplegic. We were founded to help the newly injured and to help them transition into normal lives. Today we do that and so much more. Giving people with spinal cord injuries legal support is another area we pride ourselves in.

If you have a new spinal cord injury and have any questions that need answers, please reach out to either Josh or Kelley. Both understand exactly what it’s like to go through a spinal cord injury and also have the legal knowledge to answer any questions you may have about life with the spinal cord injury or any legal questions. You can contact Josh or Kelley here.

We also offer a legal support blog that has several blog posts on all things related to legal questions and spinal cord injuries. Here you can find answers to questions on medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, car accidents, employment discrimination, estate and special needs planning, ADA and disability rights, how to apply for SSDI/SSI and injured while working.

We also offer a thorough FAQ list on legal questions related to spinal cord injuries. These Frequently Asked Questions should be answered by all lawyers. We have made sure to answer them thoroughly. You can find this FAQ here.

Lastly, we offer dozens of articles on spinal cord injuries and legal topics. Many questions are answered in one of these articles. You can find our entire legal article archive here.


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