Helpful Equipment to Make Your Home Safer

For quadriplegics and paraplegics living at home, there are more assistive products and technology available than ever before to ensure that people with paralysis can live safely and independently. Whether you need to call for help or transfer from your chair to your bed, there are products that can help make your daily living tasks a breeze. And in regards to home safety, there are many different kinds of technology available that ensure homeowner safety at all times. Read below to learn more about equipment and technology that can help make life with a spinal cord injury as safe as possible.

Safe Transferring

For people with spinal cord injuries, it is essential that you always practice safe measures while completing a transfer. If you can transfer independently but would like assistance, or if you caregiver would like assistance with your transfers, there is a wide variety of equipment available to assist with transfers. Transfer boards are by far the most common, portable, and inexpensive solution.

You can also consider purchasing a Beasy Board, which is an elevated transfer board with a sliding, circular disk that helps the user slide along the board. There are also more high-tech transfer assistance devices, such as ceiling track systems that lift you from your wheelchair and carry you safely to your bathtub, bed or couch. Hoyer lifts are another common solution for safe transferring at home. There are portable and motorized versions of Hoyer lifts to consider using outside of the home, depending on your budget and ability to use maneuver independently.

Communication Technology

Safe transfer methods are not the only safety measures you should be taking in your household. You can also ensure your safety at home by acquiring the latest technology. With the advent of listening agents such as Google Nest and Amazon Echo, people are given the opportunity to always have a voice nearby that can provide assistance. Both of these systems allow you to do multiple things in your home without moving, such as turning off lights, calling 911 for help, checking the news, and much more; all listening agents require is the use of your voice.With one of these devices, you can ensure safety in your home by always having a voice around to help.


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