Getting In and Out of Your Home

After sustaining a spinal cord injury, most people return home within three months. However, returning home in a wheelchair can be difficult due to architectural barriers: many people live in homes that require the use of stairs to enter the household. Fortunately, there are several temporary ramps available that can help you get into your home while using a wheelchair. Once you are settled, you should consider installing permanent ramps in your home. Below is a list of permanent ramp options to consider. Additionally, for those with homes that cannot be entered using a ramp, included below are options for home elevators and lifts.

– Installing a Permanent or Temporary Ramp: With the right ability and the manpower, many people have successfully built their own wheelchair ramp. There are several helpful tutorials online that can teach you how to build a ramp yourself. This website Spinal Cord Essentials offers information on the basics of ramp building, such as ramp dimensions and slope so you can successfully build a ramp at home. Learn more:

Temporary portable ramps are also popular for many people who use wheelchairs after their injury. Portable ramps provide instant access to most homes and buildings. Depending on your ability, you may need assistance handling and using some of the portable ramps on the market. There are three main styles of portable ramps:

1) Pathway ramps: This is the style of ramp that you set on top of stairs, typically one or two, to cross. This ramp can be folded for convenient transport.

2) Channel ramps: This style of ramp has two narrow platforms that are parallel to each other; to use this ramp, the wheelchair user must line up their wheels onto the platforms to roll up. However, some people in wheelchairs are nervous to use the style of ramp.

3) Doorway threshold ramp: Doorway threshold ramps are designed for people in wheelchairs who need assistance going over a small bump or raised edge of a doorway.These ramps come in a variety of heights and lengths, designed to fit any ledge or bump.

4) Modular ramp: If you are in need of a long wheelchair ramp, consider purchasing a modular ramp. This style of ramp comes in a variety of pieces that are assembled prior to use.

– Home Elevators & Lifts: If the entrance to your home is high, consider buying an electric porch lift to simplify your home access. Electric porch lifts can be used for stairs higher than 30 inches, and these lifts save more space compared to ramps. There are many companies that offer quality home elevators as well. Elevators cost significantly more than ramps and lifts, but for homes with more than one floor, an elevator is indispensable. Learn more:

– Garage Ramp: Instead of installing a ramp at the entrance of your home, consider installing a garage ramp for you to use to enter your household. Garage ramps are less conspicuous and can be cheaper to install.

– Watch: How to build a household wheelchair ramp


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