Car Accident

Have you sustained a spinal cord injury from a car accident?

Car wrecks are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, causing almost 40% of all SCIs in the United States. Sustaining a spinal cord injury can turn your life upside down; SCIs can be overwhelming, frustrating, and expensive. Luckily, you are not alone. With our knowledge of spinal cord injuries and personal injury law, we would like to share some tips and tricks as to what to do immediately following a car wreck that led to an SCI. Read below to learn the steps you should take after a catastrophic car wreck.

What to do after a car wreck

After a car wreck that caused a spinal cord injury, you should document the vehicle and the scene of the accident by taking pictures, if possible. Pictures and video can help tremendously if you decide to pursue a lawsuit. You should also immediately call 911. It is important for all injured people to receive medical care as soon as possible, especially if they have an SCI. Spinal cord injuries are complex and sensitive injuries, meaning the sooner you receive medical care, the better. Make sure you are pursuing all medical care necessary, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Your health is the #1 priority.

The final step to take after a catastrophic car wreck is finding an experienced spinal cord injury legal team to fight for you. As we mentioned, spinal cord injuries are expensive. If your injury was caused by someone or something else, the law is on your side. You may be able to recover a large amount of financial compensation through a successful lawsuit. This compensation can help with your medical bills, lost wages, and can help you and your family maintain financial stability during this tough time. An experienced spinal cord injury car wreck legal team can help fight for you to receive the money and resources you deserve.

What a car accident legal team can do for you

An experienced car wreck legal team can help you in so many ways. They’ll first help you by collecting information and evidence for your case, including medical records and pictures of the wreck. They will then develop a strong argument for your case and file all the right paperwork for your legal claim. Your legal team will help you argue your case in court, or in a settlement negotiation, and ultimately, you legal team will help you receive the compensation you need.

If you hire the right legal team, they can be your best advocates. An experienced legal team can help you receive the medical care you need, and can help make sure your insurance company covers the services you need. Your legal team can also refer you to the best services and resources across the country to help with your recovery. It is important to hire a legal team that is incredibly experienced with your type of injury, especially if you have a spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries are complex, and can usually only be understood through personal experience. That’s why it is vital to hire a legal team with both personal and legal experience with spinal cord injuries.

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