Attorney and Legal Questions to Ask

Attorney and Legal Questions to Ask

There are many important questions you should ask a lawyer after a spinal cord injury. These questions will help a lawyer determine if you have a case and will also help them determine if there is anything else they can do to assist you.

1. When Did Your Injury Occur?

When your injury occurred is a very critical piece of information for your lawyer. In many states there is a statute of limitations, which puts an expiration date on when you can file a lawsuit after your spinal cord injury. In most states, this is two years. Make sure to ask your lawyer what the statute of limitations is for your state.

2. How Were You Injured?

How exactly your injury occurred is an important piece of information. You’ll need to be able to explain in full detail exactly how your injury occurred to your lawyer. Your lawyer will ask you many specific questions about your injury and it is important you’re able to answer them. And please, be 100% truthful.

3. Do You Have Evidence?

Any kind of evidence pertaining to your injury such as video or photographic evidence can greatly help your case. If there is no evidence of this nature, eyewitness statements and medical statements are also important.

4. Is Anyone Liable for Your Injury?

Another question to ask is if anyone might be liable for your injury. While it might seem obvious that someone or something is to blame for an injury, it is not always as clear as it may seem. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to decimate the scene of the injury and determine all parties that may be held liable.

5. Can the Defendant Pay?

You’ll need to inquire if the person or entity you might file a lawsuit against is able to pay if you win your case. This is an important question to ask your lawyer, as it may not be worth going to trial if they cannot pay.

6. Should You Settle Out of Court?

Sometimes setting out of court is your best option. Oftentimes this happens with spinal cord injury-related personal injury cases. Going to trial can be traumatic and it is common for these kinds of cases to settle, especially if the evidence against the defendant is overwhelming.


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