Working 2 Walk 2011

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SPINALpedia dropped in on the Working 2 Walk conference held in the DC area by Unite2Fight Paralysis, a non-profit with the goal of furthering spinal cord injury research. The conference had a series of talks and panel discussions ranging from spinal cord injury health to the latest trends in stem cell research. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and fellow advocates fighting to improve the quality of life of people with paralysis.

We were reminded by one of the conferences honorees that the paralysis community has really only existed over the last 60 years and it left us thinking. We are truly a population and community in transformation, developing every day as medical science and technology advances and more people are surviving traumatic injuries. With the dynamism inherent in paralysis, it is only more obvious to us that SPINALpedia has the potential to build bridges that never existed before– and we’re ready to get started!

We’ve launched and re-launched SPINALpedia over the last few years, learning from our mistakes, trying to improve our site, and becoming decently well-versed in the challenges of website development. As we approach the launch of our latest installment, we are excited to reconnect with those who have supported us all along the way and meet new people who can bring more life to our community. Will you join us?


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