Virginia Beach 2023 Adventurous Weekend

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This month we took 40+ individuals with spinal cord injuries on an amazing 3-day adventure to Virginia Beach for a chance to try a huge variety of awesome adapted activities and enjoy camaraderie. Those attending tried summertime sports such as adaptive waterskiing, tubing, boating, surfing, swingless Topgolf and more. Our first TopGolf was covered by local TV watch here 

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the following sponsors: 

Gold Sponsors: Team Kennedy Krieger, Numotion Foundation, FuelService, The Spinal Cord Injury Law Firm, Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd.

Silver Sponsors: Restorative Therapies, Marc Whitehead & Associates, accessiBe, Breit Biniazan Trial Lawyers

Bronze Sponsors: Trombly & Singer, The Malpractice Law Firm Jack Olender & Associates, Gilman & Bedigian LLC, Poiesis Medical, Help Hope Live, Petroleum Marketing Group, Bay Medical, Patrick Malone & Associates, The Cochran Firm 




Woman sitting in wheelchair pulling on slingshot loaded with a golf ball.

Trying Slingshot golf at Topgolf

A female paraplegic sitting on a dock fishing while sitting by her husband, who is sitting in a folding chair, while their daughter stands next to them holding bait.

Family enjoying wheelchair fishing off a dock

A woman sitting in a sit ski at the end of a concrete dock with two able bodied men, one on each side of her and on their knees, with everyone smiling at the camera.

Ali Ingersoll trying adaptive waterskiing

A young man with paraplegia smiling in a canoe, & holding a double-headed paddle high above his head.

An attendee enjoying accessible canoeing

Four people in wheelchairs sitting and smiling together on concrete patio.

Our founder Josh Basile enjoying camaraderie with participants.


A woman with quadriplegia lying on her stomach on a surfboard while floating in shallow water, while five able bodied people stand around her making sure the surfboard stays stable.

An attendee trying adaptive surfing by laying on her belly.

Five people all in wheelchairs sitting under a red tent in their beachwear on a very sunny day, with the lake behind them.

Staying cool & making new friends.

Josh sitting in his wheelchair with his daughter on his lap, with his partner standing behind him holding their younger son.  Another woman in a wheelchair sits next to Josh on his left side.

Founder Josh with his family and attendee/friend Shannon Minnick at Topgolf

A blond hair man with paraplegia sitting on a bright red flotation device in the water, with two able bodied people sitting on either side of him.  Everyone is wearing a life jacket.

An attendee about to go tubing.

A group of wheelchair users and people who can stand all together at the end of a wood covered pier fishing and talking with one another.

Attendees fishing together.

A woman sitting on a power chair on a pontoon boat under the boat awing, with four able bodied people sitting on the boat as well, all smiling at the camera.

Accessible pontoon ride.

A group of around 25 people, mostly wheelchair users, sitting together at Topgolf in a rented pod, with the driving range behind them.

Group shot at Topgolf.

Josh and a friend sitting under a blue tent in their wheelchairs with a young boy with paraplegia sitting to his right and a young girl with paraplegia sitting to the left and wearing a pink swimsuit.

Founder Josh hanging out with the kids attending.

Three wheelchair users and four able bodied people hanging out under a tent drinking water and relaxing.

More awesome camaraderie on the beach.

A young man with paraplegia been pushed out of the ocean by two people while sitting in a beach wheelchair with oversized back wheels.

An attendee exiting the ocean in a beach wheelchair after trying surfing.






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