SPINALpedia breaks $20k!

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A big THANK YOU to the 160 donors and the many other people who shared our videos and pages for getting us across the $20,000 mark! We’re currently in 9th place, with less than a month to go in Crowdrise’s Holiday Challenge!

Still want to help us out? 

1) Share our videos ALL over social media- You can share Britt’s storyJosh’s story or Nick’s story– and help the world understand why SPINALpedia needs to exist!

2) Join our fundraising team- Go to SPINALpedia’s competition page and click ‘JOIN THE TEAM’ at the bottom, in seconds you’ll have your own page as a part of our awesome team! Collect donations from your friends and family who believe in SPINALpedia and what we’re doing for the paralysis community! No amount is too small!

3) Make a tax-deductible donation of ANY amount- Click here to donate. Whether its $10 or $10,000, every bit makes a difference and shows us that you want SPINALpedia to be all it can be!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of you, so thanks! Let’s keep it going and get SPINALpedia in the top 3! 


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