Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode #4 Buying a Home

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How do you find a home that’s accessible or can easily be made accessible? Are their special home buying grants available? What about making your home accessible after the purchase? Tiffiny is joined by 4 guests for an epic 1.5 hour show on everything SCI & home buying.

To listen to the guest you’re most interested in, guest descriptions and timestamps for when they appear in the show are as follows.

1. Guest #1) Brian Zadorozny, a lawyer, husband, father and C6 quad who purchased a home near Seattle. Timestamp 1:36 min.

2. Guest #2) Tammy Pruey, a paraplegic, who owns a double-wide trailer in rural PA. Timestamp 34 mins.

3. Guest #3) Jeff Meixell, a quad, who buys/sells accessible homes in Florida panhandle. Timestamp 55 mins.

4. Guest #4) Gina Schuh, a C6 quad, who’s bought homes in AZ. Timestamp 1 hr, 15mins.

To see photos of our podcast guests’ homes, visit


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