Life After Paralysis Episode 43: Self-Improvement Hour with Tim Taylor

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Tim Taylor, a C5 quadriplegic from Pennsylvania, has experienced a lot since his injury nearly 20 years ago, and he has a lot to share in this episode. We talk with him about his car accident that resulted in the death of two individuals, how he made it through the depression that followed afterwards and how he ultimately found his calling since he was no longer able to pursue his previous career.
From making money on his YouTube channel “This is Wheel Life” to flipping vintage items he finds at thrift restores and reselling them on eBay, he has used his business mind to keep himself afloat financially. Tim also shares his first arm contracture surgery experience, which he underwent earlier this year as part of his 2022 year of self improvement. His next goal is getting his driver’s license for the first time since his injury. Listen via the player below or click here. Episode run-time is 32 minutes.

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