Life After Paralysis Episode 41: Bianca Faith Johnson – Lawyer, Professor, Preacher & Ms. Wheelchair NY 2022

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If you’re looking for a dose of motivation, this is the podcast episode for you. Injured 5 years ago in a motorcycle accident, Bianca Faith Johnson went on to receive her law degree and is now an assistant college professor as well as an assistant preacher at her church, St. Albans. 
To top it off, she’s also the newly crowned Ms. Wheelchair New York 2022. Only paralyzed 5 years, how has Bianca been able to find such strength so quickly? She shares her thoughts on this topic and much more in this latest episode of Life After Paralysis. Listen via the player below or visit:—Lawyer–Professor–Preacher–Ms–Wheelchair-NY-2022-e1hvmakhere: 

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