Life After Paralysis Episode 37: Newly Injured Melissa Childers Shines a Light on Spinal Strokes

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Not being able to move just one of her legs is how Melissa Childers, an avid marathon runner and mountain climber, woke up one January morning in 2021. By the day was up, she would be no longer able to move her legs. Diagnosed with a spinal stroke (which can happen to anyone at any time), Melissa has had to figure out life after paralysis this year. She joins Tiffiny to discuss rehab during a pandemic, neuropathic pain and how she’s coping, and she also discusses her first trip post-injury to Colorado and the amazingness of trying an adaptive mountain bike with the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte. Run-time is 22 minutes. Listen below or go here to listen.

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