Life After Paralysis Episode 36: Wheelchair Weight Loss, Finding Love and More with Beth Beckley

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Beth Beckley is not your average married lady living life in the Atlanta, Georgia suburbs with her spoiled fur babies (although her dogs are insanely cute). Injured 13 years ago when she was 21, Beth, now a T4 paraplegic, has an appreciative perspective on life. She shares her injury story, how recently lost 40 pounds and how she’s forging ahead with a new healthy lifestyle.  Beth also shares how she lost the weight with help from the Shepherd Center, one of the best SCI rehab centers in the US. Married for 10 years, she also talks about how she met her husband on eHarmony as well as how she deals with a less than harmonious mother-in-law. They’re also currently trying to get pregnant. Listen to our 25 minute chat with Beth Beckley below or here.
– Watch the video version of this episode here
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– Read her guest post on our blog, “Guest Post: Life is Still Worth Living” by Beth Beckley, here

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