Life After Paralysis Episode #23: Wheelchair Life Hacks

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In episode 23, we uncover wheelchair life hacks your therapists forgot to tell you about. From the wonders a simple cone can do to prevent parking abuse to a spatula set-up for a C1 quadriplegic that enables independent eating, Tiffiny chats with four guests who share their best tips that have the power to change lives. Guests in this episode are the following:

– James Collins: A paraplegic from Hawaii, he shares his cone trick to prevent parking abusers next to his car.

– Amir: A paraplegic from Las Vegas, he shares how much a simple reacher from Amazon helps him be independent. He also talks about why he prefers portable hand-controls.

– Brandon: A C5 quadriplegic, he talks about how helpful the Voice Control system is on his iPhone.

– Tyler Schrenk: A C1 quadriplegic from Washington, he shares his spatula invention so he can eat when he’s alone, as well as other cool gadgets he has that he can independently access in his home. To watch the video tour of his home & gadgets, click here:


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