Guest Post: To Achieve More Than Expected by Brian P. Swift

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(Brian P. Swift, a C7 quadriplegic, is a lawyer, author, husband and father of three from Burbank, Illinois)

Forty years ago, my neck was broken while playing football with my friends on the sunny, chilly day after Christmas, 1979, at the age of seventeen. As I found the courage and strength to recover, graduate from high school, earn a college degree, earn a Juris Doctor degree from DePaul College of Law and become a national negations finalist as a quadriplegic, I also found my purpose: to achieve more than expected, and to aspire to the best I could be.

I have been instrumental in the marketing and leadership of three successful start-up companies. I have developed and implemented many new employee-training initiatives to enhance people’s skills for the achievement of personal and organizational goals. I also created strategic alliances to achieve aggressive sales objectives in the organizations.

My success comes from my ability to share my vision and to motivate and inspire people to become uncommon. As a motivational speaker I have been asked to talk at one of the leading rehabilitation institutes as well as numerous educational institutions. I have spent over twenty years motivating, inspiring and coaching, both football and basketball. I am a father of three adopted children and my wife of 31 years teaches in a suburban school.

I was excited to take my talents into the writing arena and had my first book published in October 2013, Up: Getting Up is the Key to Life. In this book I share my personal paradigm for mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery and facing the challenges of life as quadriplegic. It is my hope to inspire those with similar injuries and give hope to their medical caregivers, family, and loved ones. I advise that recovery consists of healing the mind, not just the body, and that recovery is a journey, not a destination.

My second book, Rising Up, was published in 2018. In this book I share my unique life experiences that will equip you with valuable tools to help you overcome adversity and improve courage, self-confidence and grit. My latest book, The Quadfather, was published in 2019. It will impower you to get past your own limiting beliefs and help you create the right mindset to implement success.

I developed my strategy of success, CIA: Commitment, Integrity, and Attitude. I hope to leave you invigorated to face your own struggles with hope, faith, and purpose!

Books are available at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine bookstores in print.


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