Disability Employment Success Profile: Julio Gonzalez, Community Director of Luxury Purse Site & Paraplegic

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Julio Cesar Gonzalez


Where do you live?
“I live in Venezuela, Guayana City, Bolivar state.”

How and when were you injured?
“15th August 2005 in Punta Cana, Dominica Republic.”

What is your level of injury?

What kind of job did you do before your injury?
“I was a night manager in Capcana, a luxury Hotel, golf and yachting complex.”

When did you first work post-injury?
“A remote job with Pierre Realty as Community manager in 2014.”

How did you get involved in high end sales of purses and accessories?
“I applied 5 years ago at Uemura and they offered me a concierge service in Europe and EEUU to buy and sell Luxury bags and accessories (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Goyard, Rolex).”

How long have you had your current job?
“It’s about to be 5 years next month.”

What kind of job accommodations do you require to be able to do your job?
“A computer and internet connection.”

Please tell us what you do in your job. What kind of tasks do you do on a daily basis?
“I’m the Commercial Director and I’m in charge of commercializing items in Marketplaces such as Tradesy or 1stDibs. I’m also in charge of sales in our website-marketplace, coordinating with the logistics department regarding the shipment to the clients, and supervising the rest of the team of the commercial department.”

Would you recommend this job to others with a spinal cord injury? Why?
“Yes. For me it is a way to feel productive. It is great for a person with a spinal cord injury because is not necessary to go out to an office and if have to go to the bathroom, it much easier, which I think is the hardest part of living with this condition.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your job and disability employment in general that we did not ask?
“People with disabilities are people just like anyone else, but with 4 wheels under us. We are smart, hard workers and professionals. Also, Uemura gave me this opportunity and I will always be really grateful to all of them; notably the CEO Miguel Santamaria, my boss, who I have learned much from. He always gives me confidence and for me that is gold.

“I’d also like to add my co-workers Sylvia Moran, Fernando, David Santamaria and Kike are all like my family despite being in different countries. Jokes, discussions, talks, support…it’s like any other family or group of friends and I feel they are for me.”

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