Disability Employment Success Profile: Hamza Mohammad, Architect from Syria

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24 years old

Where do you live?

How were you injured?
“I had a traffic accident four years ago. T12 fracture and paraplegia.”

What were you doing before your injury?
“At that time, I was a second-level student at the Faculty of Architecture. After the injury, 4 months later, I continued my university studies and physical therapy at the same time, and this was the most difficult.”

How did you get involved in your career and for how long have you been in the position?
“What I went through because of the bad conditions in my country and continued studying until I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture four months ago and during my studies and treatment I was working in interior design and architectural design on the internet.”

What kind of job accommodations do you require to be able to do your job?
“The accommodations I need are only in transportation, which is almost non-existent in my country due to the high prices of fuel and the lack of a private car.”

Please tell us what you do in your job. What kind of tasks do you do on a daily basis?
“My duties at work are to sit in front of the laptop and work on architectural design programs.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your job and disability employment in general that we did not ask?
“I feel that I have made a wonderful achievement for an injured person who is pursuing treatment in a lifeless country. And I hope to be able to travel abroad soon so that I can complete the treatment and do the necessary operations so that I can walk again and work as a distinguished and brilliant architect in the Engineering and construction field.”

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