4 Things to Look For in a SCI/TBI Lawyer

4 Things to Look For in a SCI/TBI Lawyer

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When someone suffers a spinal cord injury (SCI) or a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it is natural to want to seek financial compensation. However, because these injuries are so disruptive to one’s life, it can sometimes be too stressful to want to pursue a lawsuit.

One of the stressful factors of pursuing a personal injury case is having to file within the first two years of your injury. For most states in the US, you have to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of your injury in order to file it legally. Additionally, compiling all of the necessary evidence and paperwork can take a lot of time and effort. Many people also find that the financial strains of sustaining a traumatic injury are too stressful, which means that many SCI and TBI patients opt out of pursuing a lawsuit altogether in fear of incurring legal expenses as well .

However, you should not let these stressful factors hinder you from pursuing a lawsuit if you have a valid case. If you are someone you love were injured because of the negligence of someone else, you have every right to file a personal injury claim. Since traumatic injury lawsuits can be complicated, it is important to seek an experienced personal injury attorney who has previously worked for clients with spinal cord and brain injuries. Here are four things to look for in a lawyer who has worked with clients with TBI/SCI:

4. Extensive SCI/TBI Knowledge

A good SCI/TBI lawyer will understand your injury personally. Whether you have a traumatic brain injury or a spinal cord injury, your attorney can best represent you if they have personal experience with traumatic injury. Additionally, since lawsuits typically take place in the early stages of an injury, it is nice to have a lawyer who can guide you during the process of physical recovery.

3. Has Team of Experts & Small Caseload

A traumatic personal injury case usually involves extensive research, and most lawyers will need a team of experts to do this research in order to bring a case to court in a timely manner. Make sure your lawyer has a team of SCI/TBI experts to help them. Additionally, when finding a SCI/TBI lawyer, ask how many active cases they are representing. Ideally, you want your lawyer to have around 12 open cases or less, which allows them to spend as much time as needed on your case.

2. Board Certified by State Bar

Not every lawyer is created equal. Always check to make sure your potential SCI/TBI lawyer possesses board certification from whichever state bar organization where they resides. Board certification is given from a third party and recognizes an attorney’s specialized skills, ethics, and overall proficiency. It is important that your lawyer has their board certification.
You should also look for lawyers and law firms with ‘marks of distinction’. In order for a firm to receive a ‘mark of distinction,’ your lawyer must meet various minimum requirements, such as having at least five years practicing law, passing a special exam, meeting continuing education requirements, passing a peer review that checks their competence in SCI/TBI specialization, being substantially involved in the field in which they specialize. Utilizing a board certified lawyer with marks of distinction is vital to winning your personal injury case.

1. Closely Evaluates Cases Before Accepting Them

It is important to make sure a lawyer closely evaluates your case before accepting you as a client. You do not want a lawyer to accept a case they cannot adequately represent. Reputable law firms will tell you the truth regarding your case and if they feel they can represent you. A good law firm will also ask if you have enough evidence for your case, such as medical documentation and evidence of damages. If they do not feel confident in representing you, ask the lawyer to refer you a legal team who will.

With all the stress and worry that comes with a new spinal cord injury, having an experienced lawyer for your personal injury case is vital. We hope the above information helps you in your search for an experienced SCI/TBI lawyer. For more information, please contact us today.


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