SPINALpedia’s 2017 Fall Photo Contest

Let it begin! We are super excited to hold our 1st annual Fall Photo Contest! Below are the submissions from some amazing SPINALpedia fans. Each photo is meant to demonstrate how Autumn can still be enjoyed despite a SCI.

If you would like your Fall photo included in the contest, please send your photo to spinalpedia@gmail.com. Voting ends Oct. 31st (we will add any new photo submissions as they arrive). To vote: Submit the number of your favorite photo in the Comments section below. You can also submit your vote via our official Facebook post on the contest here.

The person in the winning photo will be featured in our SCI Superstar series (a full-fledged bio with links to their projects), which will be published on our site and shared on our social media outlets in early November. Thank you for voting and Happy Fall!

1. Camping Again (in Autumn!) After a SCI – Nicola Say

“The was my first time camping in my wheelchair and of course I had to get out and sit on a rock! Lol”

2. Leaf Shenanigans  – Maureen Louise Riley

“This is our son, Luke, and his constant companion Aria, playing in the leaves in North Dakota” ?❤️

3. Fall Handcycle Ride with her Loves – Dani Schirmer

“Here is me, my fiancé and my service dog in early Fall.”

4. Haley Back in the Saddle Again – Stacy Giardina

“This is my beautiful daughter Haley back in the saddle! Haley has rode horses since she could walk. In July of 2105 at the age of 14, she had a Spinal Cord Stroke resulting in T-10 paraplegia. Thanks to On Eagles Wings, she’s finding her way out of the chair and back to one of her passions! HaleyStrong!”

5. Grandpa & grandson at Mt. Rushmore – Jeff Pagels

“This is me & my 10 year old grandson just off a week long successful elk hunt in the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming.”

139 thoughts on “SPINALpedia’s 2017 Fall Photo Contest

  1. Lu Newell

    #2, Luke Riley is the most amazing kid I have ever met. He embraces life to the fullest and enjoys each moment His way… which is Always Interesting.

  2. Tasha

    #2-Leaf Shenanigans! Luke is the coolest! Such an awesome group of friends! Everyday is an adventure! Watching them play makes my heart happy!

  3. Eileen and Frank Dunham

    They all have to win. Sorry, but one photo is not enough. Come on. Beautiful woman. Cute kids. Lovely family. Horses and helpers. Generational bonding.


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