Amazing Grants for Kids with Spinal Cord Injuries: Sports Equipment, Modified Vans and Medical Supplies

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For parents who have children with spinal cord injuries, their unique experience is often under-represented. To help these parents afford the expensive costs that undoubtedly come with having a child with paralysis, we put together a list that identifies the best grants for kids with spinal cord injuries.

These grants are divided into three sections: Sports Equipment, Van Modifications and Medical Supplies. If there are any grants we should add to this list, please contact us at

Racing Chair Grants:

Kelly Brush Foundation Active Fund. Deadline for Spring Cycle is March 31, 2021

Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Access for Athletes Grants

IM ABLE Grants (for racing chairs and geared towards people in mid-Atlantic area)


Variety the Children’s Charity Freedom Grant (will also pay for DME and van mods)

Van Grants:

Magic Mobility (will buy families w/ disabled child a van)

The Travis Roy Foundation Quality of Life Grant Program and Grant Application (will pay for lift, but not the van. Max is $5k)

Assistive Technology (AT) Loan Program provides affordable loans of $500 to $30,000 to residents of New Jersey and New York (can be used for van modifications)

Wheelchairs 4 Kids (will pay for vehicle modifications)

Cerner Charitable Foundation Individual Medical Grant

Medical Supply/DME Grants:

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children DME Help

The Michelle McGann Fund (helps families w/ medical supplies)

Giving Angels Foundation (helps special needs kids with DME up to $500)

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Medical Grants

Cerner Charitable Foundation Individual Medical Grant Funding (also pays for vehicle mods)


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