About Us

SPINALpedia serves the needs of thousands of individuals and families affected by a spinal cord injury (SCI) from all over the world. We are here to empower our community through our shared SCI knowledge, voices and stories. Our motto is "See it, Believe it, Do it-- The Power of Experience!"

Our Vision

The Problem

Too many in the SCI community struggle to find relevant information and similarly situated people to learn from. The lack of knowing what's possible and not having someone to connect with leads to depression and feeling alone. Most are unaware of their full potential to live active post-injury lifestyles outside of the comforting walls of their home.

Our Parent Organization


Learning from others that have been down a similar road creates instant connections and inspires sharing of information. Our vast database of SCI content grows as our community grows. Content on our site is uploaded by our community for our community. We believe that together we are united and that together we are stronger.

Our Solution

To provide an online platform where "Everything Spinal Cord" can be easily searchable by those in need and shared by those looking to give back. SPINALpedia creates an empowering atmosphere where everyone speaks spinal cord and those dominating life from a wheelchair can be heard.

Our Presence

Meet Our Team


Joshua Basile, Esq.

Joshua Basile

Joshua Basile, in 2004 at the age of 18, suffered a severe spinal cord injury while on a family vacation in Delaware. His paralysis rendered him a C4-5 quadriplegic but it did not stop him from pursuing his goals. His positive attitude and desire to help others motivated him to form the Determined2heal Foundation, SPINALpedia.com and pursue a law degree.

In 2013, Josh graduated magna cum laude from law school, and soon after passed the Maryland and District of Columbia bars. He is currently a trial attorney at Jack H. Olender & Associates located in Washington DC, where he fights on behalf of the catastrophically injured.

Executive Director

Tiffiny Carlson

Tiffiny Carlson

Tiffiny Carlson is a C6 quadriplegic from Minnesota. Helping others with spinal cord injuries has been her passion since becoming a disability writer in 1999. She’s been the SCI Life columnist for New Mobility magazine since 2003 and she is the founder of the longtime disability site, BeautyAbility.com.

Her work on life with a disability has been featured in the Huffington Post, Playgirl, and Nerve.com. When she’s not writing, Tiffiny mentors newly injured women and practices adapted yoga.

Director of Community Outreach

Nick Blasey

Nick Blasey

Nick Blasey joined the SPINALpedia team after his closest cousin became injured in 2010. He has immersed himself in everything spinal cord and is passionate about helping our community live meaningful active lifestyles. Nick is a competitive skier and lover of the outdoors.