Our Vision

We envision a society where people with paralysis are no longer isolated and can return to being active members of the community. In order to realize that goal, we need to unite our community and find strength in the power of our experiences.

About Us

SPINALpedia is a social mentoring network and video archive that allows the spinal cord injury community to motivate each other with the knowledge and triumphs gained from our individual experiences.

Conoce a Jaiber Murillo, que ama la velocidad y la aventura en su silla de ruedas. ¡Envía un mensaje para encontrar un mentor, recurs... show more
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Meet Carlie Cook. Injured at 3, she grew up in the confidence that walking wasn't her goal - promoting wheelchair basketball internatio... show more
Meet Kendra - "Before, if you were to ask, 'Who are you, Kendra?' ... I would say things in terms of like what I like to do... but now ... show more
Meet Jason Swarbrick - a karaoke enthusiast, he has proven a lot of people wrong by doing what they said he couldn't. Message to find a... show more
Meet Everett Mosher. Once an outdoorsman, always an outdoorsman - even if it means camping in the trunk of a MINI Cooper Clubman. Messa... show more
Meet Carneggy Lamothe, aspiring writer, poet, mentor, and electrician, who believes we all have a story to tell. Message to find a ment... show more
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C5/6 Quadriplegic bed to chair transfer

Meet Amber, aspiring motivational speaker and fashion vlogger who believes you shouldn't be afraid to live your truth. Message to find ... show more
Meet Erik Kondo, superbly skilled wheelchair-boarder and inventor. "Life is not fair, and honestly I wouldn't want life to be fair beca... show more
Meet Jonathan Sigworth - extreme unicyclist, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur. Message to find a mentor, community resources, or shar... show more

"Don’t wait until you’re walking to start living life...that’s great if you start walking again, I hope you do, I pray for you...... show more