7 Traits of a Successful Personal Injury Attorney

7 Traits of a Successful Personal Injury Attorney

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Hiring a personal injury lawyer in the United States can be a daunting process. With over 1.2 million attorneys in the United States, it is up to you to make sure you find a personal injury lawyer that has the skill and commitment you need to win your case. While you also need experience, 40 plus years experience isn’t a must.

It is important to know that any lawyer can say they are a personal injury lawyer without any internship or residency during their schooling. This is why it is up to you to do the research to make sure that you hire a lawyer who will represent you well. Try to find a personal injury attorney through referrals, such as coworkers, family or friends.

Also known as a trial lawyer, personal injury lawyers are a popular lawyer that many seek out. Before you choose any personal injury lawyer, it is important you look closely at each lawyer you’re considering. Here are some of the most important qualities to look for in a highly qualified personal injury attorney.


  1. They Know the Neuro Medical Industry

Every lawyer can say they know the neurological medical industry, but it will show when they know just as much about spinal cord injuries as you, or quite close. A lawyer with good knowledge of the neuro medical industry will also have contacts to spinal cord injury doctors, hospitals, possibly even research programs. All of this knowledge is critical in cross-examining witnesses, so they will be able to show the suffering you’re experiencing to hopefully get you the settlement or trial win that you deserve.


  1. They Keep up to Date on the Law

The laws that we follow in the United States are constantly changing. It is critical that any personal injury attorney you hire is up to date on all of the latest changes, especially any changes stemming from Supreme Court rulings. They should also stay up to date on any statutory or legal precedent changes regarding personal injury cases. Take a look at their website, social media and/or resume to see their legal, business and academic affiliations and if they remain active.


  1. They Have Experience with Paralyzed Clients

It is 100% acceptable to ask any personal injury lawyer how many cases they’ve had with a client who’s paralyzed. Make sure to ask this, and if they’ve had trial experience as well. All of this experience is critical in choosing a qualified attorney.


  1. They’re Considered Highly by Peers

Another step in assessing if a personal injury  lawyer is legit is to ask other lawyers in their field and get their professional opinions on the lawyer you are wondering about. They will usually give you honest feedback, which can greatly help guide your decision. If a lawyer is well-liked by their peers, this is a great sign.


  1. They Tell You the Truth

Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty, and you want a lawyer who doesn’t sugarcoat the facts. It is usually easy to tell when someone is telling you the truth and this is typically the case when speaking with a new lawyer. Look for cues that they are not flattering you but being kind, and also telling you the truth about your case, as well as any potential weaknesses it may have. It is also good to have a lawyer help you be your best as possible when going to trial.


  1. They Excel in Trial Negotiating

A good way to tell if your lawyer has good trial negotiation skills is if they can tell a good story and have some of the best social skills you’ve ever come across. These are just some of the things to look for. In addition, ask if it’s possible to watch them at another trial they may be working on. This is a great way to verify their skills.


  1. They Are Committed to Your Case

One of the number one complaints people have about their lawyer is that they are not available. Being indifferent, avoiding or not answering your calls or having another employee get back in touch with you are just some warning signs they may not be 100% committed to your case. Also, another red flag is if they push you into a settlement that you’re not satisfied with.

We hope these suggestions will help you find the best personal injury lawyer possible. Make sure to interview as many as you can in your area. And lastly, always go with your gut when making your decision. Your intuition can be one of your best guides.


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