What is a Lawyer’s Role in Helping You After an SCI?

What is a Lawyer’s Role in Helping You After an SCI?

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After spinal cord injury, the last thing you want to do is worry about the details of any legal repercussions related to your injury. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is one of the best things you can do following an injury to ensure your livelihood, but the details of filing a lawsuit are best left up to an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer.

A lawyer’s role after a spinal cord injury is multifaceted. A spinal cord injury lawyer will help in many other ways to ensure you win your personal injury lawsuit. If you aren’t sure how a spinal cord injury lawyer helps during this process, read on to see how they help.

1) Give Them The Details, and They’ll Do the Digging

One of the most important aspects of a personal injury lawsuit is researching every aspect of the case. It is up to you to provide your lawyer with all of the pertinent details related to your accident/injury so that they can represent you to the best of their ability. This means you’ll need to recall as much of your injury/accident as much as possible, such as the date, time, who was there and any other details related to why the defendant is at fault for your injury.

Once your lawyer has these details, they can begin the hard work of looking into the details related to your case and your state. Each state has a different statute of limitations, which can determine how long you can file your lawsuit. This ranges from 2 to 4 years. In addition, your lawyer will interview possible witnesses, research precedents related to your case and acquire all needed paperwork and documentation, including bills to prove personal damages (which can easily number in the millions).

2) Proving Negligence Is Paramount

A spinal cord injury lawyer will investigate the accident scene to prove fault, and they will do this with extreme care. Proving negligence is the most important part of a personal injury lawsuit. If this can be done, the case can be won in most cases (and usually settled out of court). Extensive research and interviewing witnesses however is required for this step, which is why it is a must to have a spinal cord injury lawyer represent you.

3) Negotiate a Settlement (If Needed)

While personal injury lawsuits can go to trial, if it is evident that the defendant is guilty, civil cases are usually settled out of court. A spinal cord injury lawyer will be your best advocate at this juncture, as they will negotiate with the defendant out of court. If it is an insurance carrier for example, they will work with them to agree on a satisfactory amount that will please both parties.

It is essential you find an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer so you don’t have to worry about a single thing as you recover. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.


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