Mt. Sinai’s “Sexuality After SCI” Video Series

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There is one thing you’ll hear often from people with spinal cord injuries – they did not receive adequate education on sexuality after becoming paralyzed. In fact, some rehabilitation programs skip the topic of sexuality altogether. The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai took the initiative to put together one of the best video libraries in the world on sexuality and spinal cord injury. This series is titled “Sexuality After SCI.”

Filmed in 2017, they brought together their most talented staff as well as members from the spinal cord injury community to create 16 videos covering all areas of sexuality and paralysis. These videos are approximately 5 minutes in length, professional and engaging, making them some of the best educational materials out there for people wanting to learn more about sexuality post-SCI.

** Note: This video series is for mature audiences **

An Introduction to the Series

After watching the introductory video “Sex, Love and Intimacy After SCI Introduction,” which gives an overview of what the series is about, check out “Debunking Sexual Myths” and “Redefining Sex.” Both of these videos focus on how to redefine your sexual self after a spinal cord injury. Being able to do this can put you on the right path to seeing yourself as a sexual being post-injury.

Dating Post-Injury

This series also has a “Dating after SCI” video that talks about dating again after a spinal cord injury or dating for your first time. It contains helpful date suggestions, as well as recommendations of places where you might be able to meet somebody. A similar topic that is important when dating is confidence, and this video series also has a video titled, “Confidence & Self Esteem.”

Benefits on Mental Health

This series has a video on how a healthy sex life can help with your well being. In the video, “Sex Life and Well Being,” they discuss how a healthy sex life can improve your quality of life.

Communicating with Your Partner

One of the most important aspects of a healthy sex life is quality communication with your partner. This series has a video, “Communication,” that teaches you how to talk to your partner about possibly embarrassing situations that may result during sex due to your paralysis.

Physical Changes

The series has a video titled the “Effects of SCI on Sex,” which talks about the different physical changes that occur when you’re paralyzed in regards to your sexual abilities—ranging from erection issues to problems with lubrication. This video covers both male and female changes thoroughly.

Having a Healthy Sex Life

Some of the most exciting aspects of this video series are their videos on enhancing your sex Life post-injury. Their video, “Adaptive Devices,” highlights several devices that can assist people with paralysis while having sex. You’ll discover products here that you haven’t heard of before. Another video, “Positioning with Partners,” show the different ways you can still have sex with limited mobility and with your partner’s assistance.

Facilitated Sex

There are some instances where you can have an assistant in a nonsexual manner assist you in having sex with your partner. Some will recruit help from their home health aide. The video “Facilitated Sex” shows how this can be done.

Managing Bodily Functions

There are many ways you can manage your bladder and bowel before you’re sexually active in order to avoid any embarrassing incidents. This video series has the video, “Managing Bodily Functions,” to assist you with learning this important aspect of post-SCI sexuality.


And lastly, another important video is their fertility video that shows how men and women can both still be parents post-injury. While some surgical interventions may be needed, it is wonderful news that men and women can still have children after being paralyzed.

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