Life After Paralysis Episode 48: Katie Rodriguez Banister & Rejoining the Theater World 30 Years After Her Spinal Cord Injury

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A former high school theater kid and aerobics instructor paralyzed in 1990, Katie Rodriguez Banister has been living life as a C5-6 quadriplegic for over 33 years. Post-injury, she found a passion for speaking and writing about SCI issues like managing/finding caregivers, and during Covid she decided to turn her autobiography into a play with the help of a friend.

The end result “ROLL WITH IT! (film) disability, humor, hope and F-bombs” went on to be a hit in the St. Louis theater scene and was nominated for “Best New Play” and Katie also acts in it. The play shares her life’s ups and downs and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, swear, talk about sex and more.

In our 30 minute conversation, Katie shares what drove her to return to theater nearly 30 years after her injury and her longtime husband Steve makes an appearance as well. Thank you Katie for sharing your story and energy <3

“ROLL WITH IT!” is permanently available to view on Eventbrite for $5 if you use the code “discount 50% off” here

Find Katie on social media:

Katie and the cast of “ROLL WITH IT!”

Katie and Steve in the 1990s


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