Life After Paralysis Episode 44: Wheelchair Zumba Instructor Tennille Houston

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Is Zumba a good workout for wheelchair-users? In this episode, we speak with wheelchair Zumba instructor Tennille Houston from Idaho who fills us in on why Zumba is a great workout for those who can’t walk. Also married with two teenagers, she became a wheelchair-user over 14 years ago due to pregnancy complications and went on to become a Zumba certified instructor after her injury.

Tennille shares her wheelchair Zumba classes on various platforms. She teaches online classes 3 times a week via Zumba’s official site and she has over 150 Zumba workouts for wheelchair-users available on her Youtube channel. She can be found on IG and TikTok as well. Listen via the player below or here. Episode run-time is 32 minutes.

Tennille’s Online Zumba Class Schedule

Tennille’s Zumba Youtube Channel

Tennille on TikTok

Tennille on Instagram


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