Life After Paralysis Episode 33: 40 Years Paralyzed – Ron Trozzi and His Green Thumb Life in Arizona

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In Episode 33, Ron Trozzi, a C5-6 quadriplegic injured over 43 years ago at 20 years old as an officer in the Coast Guard, shares his spinal cord injury story. A Long Island native, he decided to hightail it to Tucson, Arizona 2 years after his injury so he would no longer be known as the ‘wheelchair guy’ in the neighborhood where he grew up. He also talks about his love of accessible gardening on his 1 acre hobby farm, including growing organic tomatoes, purple Basil, and much more.

Forty years later, he’s still enjoying his life on his 1 acre farm, replete with a swimming pool turned into a natural pond and his highly prized organic tomatoes that local restaurants covet. He also shares his secret to staying healthy all these years, and how the lungs are by far the most important organ to keep healthy as a quadriplegic. Ron has been battling a lung infection.

Runtime is 31 minutes. Listen below or watch the video version here.

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