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Relationships & Marriages: Surviving

Some of the people most affected by our sudden injuries (other than our family) are our significant others. Relationships are forever changed by a spinal cord injury, but it doesn't mean they are ruined or that you can't find love if you're single when you're injured. Things change, and adaptations are needed, but many happy relationships can happen when living with a spinal cord injury.

Many people succeed in their marriages post-injury and simply adapt it all - from their sex life to the vacations they take. Couples therapy is also recommended for the transition and on-going. In inpatient rehab, talk to your psychologist as well about any advice they can give.

And while transitioning, it also requires open communication from both sides. Both partners need to tell the other the moment they're having doubts or if they need a pep talk. It can be difficult being honest, but this is so important for a healthy relationship after a SCI.

Once last word: Never automatically assume your partner or future partner won't be willing to see past the chair and the person you still are. Give yourself a chance, and your relationship a chance. Incredibly fulfilling relationships can happen post-SCI.

Watch the video below to hear from a psychologist on how relationships change when a spinal cord injury occurs, and please read the Takeaway Points below.

Video: Relationships After A Spinal Cord Injury

Takeaway Points

  • 80% of relationships do not survive a spinal cord injury
  • A spinal cord injury can enhance issues in a relationship
  • Don't assume your old partners and new partners aren't interested. Always give them a chance

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