Finding an Accessible Campus

When you're finally ready to go back to school, you can find a college that will work. It can be a search however. Many colleges and universities call themselves "accessible," but their version of accessibility can be spotty. Many old college campuses simply cannot be made accessible without extensive dollars and cents.

But don't let this sway you. You can attend the college of your dreams, even Harvard. Brooke Ellison, a vent-dependent quadriplegic, attended this old campus, which added accessibility features throughout and this is all thanks to the ADA. The ADA requires all public universities be made accessible.

Private colleges and universities meanwhile are not required to be accessible, but many still put in place accessibility measures. It's up to them, but most realize it's a wise decision for all.

When searching for an accessible college, you'll definitely want to visit in-person to make sure it meets your accessibility standards. Do a thorough overview of the campus before deciding. Ask for a tour and look at everything - building entrances, classrooms (desks), bathrooms, the sidewalks/curb-cuts on the campus, the accessibility of the sporting arenas, the cafeteria, the library; any place on-campus you plan on frequenting.

And while you tour colleges, if you see anything that needs to be fixed accessibility-wise, don't hesitate to let the school know. Most colleges respond positively to this type of feedback. They're always looking for outside perspectives and strive to be as accessible as possible.

If you're looking for a list of the most accessible college campuses in the US, check out the link below. And remember, most public colleges across this country are accessible more so than not. So keep your radar on, do your search and know that thanks to the ADA, finding a college that works for your new life can totally happen.

Please watch the video below on accessible college campuses, and afterwards, please don't forget to check out the Takeaway Points.

Video: "An Accessible WVU"

Takeaway Points

  • Most public colleges in the US are accessible thanks to the ADA
  • Private colleges are not required to be accessible, but many still are
  • Always take an extensive tour the campus before choosing on a school

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