Coping with SCI/Family & Friends

Reclaiming Your Life

After a spinal cord injury, life is very different. The body you are in is different and everyone around you will treat you differently. But in spite of this, you can take your life back as your own. Reclaim it.

Your old life will never be like it was before since so much has changed, but you can have a life you'll truly enjoy again. The big question is - how can this be done?

For many, it takes a big dose of stubbornness. Many will return to where they were injured so they can move on. Others will make new friends and find new hobbies so they're not reminded of what they can no longer do or people who no longer call. Even some celebrate their injury day as a "rebirth day."

Do believe when we say however that you can love life again. It takes a ton of positive thinking, redirected thinking, and the drive to move on, even if it means leaving things behind. Having a supportive family can really help too, but a strong drive to move forward is most important.

Just remember - no matter how hard it gets to always believe in yourself and to remember to always live life to the fullest whenever possible. Life is short, we can all agree on that.  When a spinal cord injury happens, so many of us want to wait for a cure before moving on or being happy again. But our advice - find a way to be happy now because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Please watch the video below of a man from Botswana injured in a car accident who became a paraplegic. He has been able to reclaim his life in an amazing way in a country still new to active paraplegics.

Video:  Partner Driven Cooperation, Botswana - Reclaiming life after a spinal cord injury

Takeaway Points:

  • A supportive family can really help
  • Having a positive drive makes the greatest impact
  • Try volunteering to feel useful again
  • Constantly try to live life to fullest
  • Use creative fixes to find solutions to everyday accessibility problems
  • Never forget the great potential you have