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Bring On the Sassy Women in Wheelchairs!


Every year young women in wheelchairs become the next line of fierce disabled ladies, and the latest girls to blossom into strong, proud women are making some awesome videos full of spunk and strong opinions; spectacular videos the world needs to see.

From calling out people on things that annoy them to showing some surprising sexuality despite the presence of a wheelchair, here are three fresh videos from female wheelchair-users who show us we have a bright future to look forward to full of strong disabled movers and shakers.

Our first video comes from the very sassy Stephanie Woodward, who has a few choice things to say to the men out there trying to hit on women who use wheelchairs.  She goes through a list of everything they’re doing wrong, and boy does she know what she’s talking about.  The first thing she brings up is how men will often say to her, “You’re pretty for being in a wheelchair,” and it just gets better from there.

She corrects this horrible statement by saying what is the real truth, “No. I am pretty.  And the wheelchair doesn’t have to be part of it.” I love her self-confidence. The rest of the missteps she brings up are just as frequently heard. My favorite of her gripes is when men call her “Hot wheels.” Her response, “Yes, I know I’m a hot, and you’re right, I use wheels to get around. And now I know you’re stupid.” Watch her video

Our next video comes from my new girl crush, Brianna Scalesse, a T12 para from Connecticut who’s studying at Trinity College. She recently put some amazing dance videos and we have one of her coolest videos here to share with you – the wheelchair twerk. Yes that’s right, this girl has perfected how to twerk in a wheelchair, and holy cow is she good at it.

She makes it look good (and her long hair surely helps for extra movement), but this is not easy sitting down. Granted, she’s probably a size zero, but she shows a wheelchair can’t hold you back from some awesomely sexy dancing. This video I predict will be blowing up on social media soon, but parents take note, the lyrics in this video aren’t censored. Watch Bri do the wheelchair twerk

Our third video starts with a light saber so you know it’s going to be good. Straight from Maria Monterrosa, a wheelchair user and high school improv actor who labels herself as a “future film director,” she just made her first video and titled it, “7 Reasons Why I Like Being In a wheelchair.”

Maria is the epitome of sassy in her video, from her wheelchair spinning and light effects to throwing out dozens of jokes. She may just be a future comedian as well. Watch her video

Fifty years ago we’d never see women in wheelchairs being like this.  I’m so glad to live in 2014. We can be proud, loud strong women in spite of our wheelchairs, and best of all we can now use social media to spread his message with the world.

Do you feel your disability makes you more sassy? Which women in wheelchairs do you admire?

Watch the videos from these women in wheelchairs!

Stephanie Woodward on “How not to hit on someone in a wheelchair”

Brianna Scalesse showing how to twerk in a wheelchair

Maria Monterrosa talking about wheelchair “perks”

Dating with a disability- it’s possible!


Fear is the number one feeling most of us feel when it comes to dating. And it’s especially no surprise that lots of people in wheelchairs are afraid to date or think that dating with a disability isn’t possible. We can be afraid; afraid of rejection, explaining our disability, of being seen as a burden.  And then we just don’t even try to date. Don’t let that happen to you!  A wheelchair may make it trickier to find someone, but it’s never a roadblock. Just watch these three videos below about people’s positive dating with a disability experiences.

The first video is all about finding out the world is better than you thought. It features a beautiful Latina woman who was injured when she was just 11 years old. At the time of her injury, she of course wasn’t worried about boys or what her prospects in dating might lead to. That kind of stuff wasn’t on her radar yet. But now, she’s a strong young woman who’s been dating with a disability, and she’s discovered some important things about dating from a wheelchair.

In the video, she talks about how she was scared when she began dating, and felt incredibly intimidated, worried if boys would still like her. “How will they view me?” “I didn’t want pity,” she shares. But boys DID ask her out, proving that it was still to possible find many people who’ll still see you for you. The take away from this video is: Don’t let the bad nuggets  make you not want to try at all. Watch it here

The second video is of a couple – an able-bodied women and a chef with C5-6 quadriplegia – talking about their dating experience. She talks about when they first met, and how she never knew anybody in a wheelchair before (and of course had a lot of questions). I love how she shares their first date (he made pasta for her at his house) and how she had to drink two glasses of wine to find the courage to ask if his “you know what” still worked (always a question you have to brace yourself for).

And I love how she says she vehemently believes she isn’t missing anything in life from having a partner who uses a wheelchair. In fact, she says she’s gained “a prize” if nothing else, saying her boyfriend Cory is more sensitive and passionate than any of her girlfriend’s boyfriends by far. Watch the couple share their story

And the third video is a gem. If you’re looking for a personal experience video that discusses dating with a disability experiences in-depth, you’ll love this one from Erika Bogan, Ms. Wheelchair 2010. In her 15 minute video, she intimately shares what dating was like when she was first injured, and what it’s like for her now. Being a single mother and a wheelchair-user, she felt like she had two strikes against her when she started out. In her video though, she talks about how how wrong she was. Watch her video now

It may seem daunting, but you really can find someone who’ll look past your  wheelchair. Dating, unfortunately, is a necessary evil to get there (I always like to say my wheelchair is the ultimate “jerk filter” haha). What I love about these three videos is that they exemplify this idea perfectly – yes we all can find love.

If you’re still looking, in the meantime make sure to surround yourself with positive videos like these. Positive imagery can help you put out immensely when sending out successful vibes.

What dating tips do you swear by for dating with a disability?

Watch the videos!

Para woman talking about dating with a disability for the first time as a wheelchair-user

Couple (with an AB counterpart) talking about dating a guy in a wheelchair

Ex-Ms. WC America Erika Bogan talking about dating with a disability