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Bring On the Sassy Women in Wheelchairs!


Every year young women in wheelchairs become the next line of fierce disabled ladies, and the latest girls to blossom into strong, proud women are making some awesome videos full of spunk and strong opinions; spectacular videos the world needs to see.

From calling out people on things that annoy them to showing some surprising sexuality despite the presence of a wheelchair, here are three fresh videos from female wheelchair-users who show us we have a bright future to look forward to full of strong disabled movers and shakers.

Our first video comes from the very sassy Stephanie Woodward, who has a few choice things to say to the men out there trying to hit on women who use wheelchairs.  She goes through a list of everything they’re doing wrong, and boy does she know what she’s talking about.  The first thing she brings up is how men will often say to her, “You’re pretty for being in a wheelchair,” and it just gets better from there.

She corrects this horrible statement by saying what is the real truth, “No. I am pretty.  And the wheelchair doesn’t have to be part of it.” I love her self-confidence. The rest of the missteps she brings up are just as frequently heard. My favorite of her gripes is when men call her “Hot wheels.” Her response, “Yes, I know I’m a hot, and you’re right, I use wheels to get around. And now I know you’re stupid.” Watch her video

Our next video comes from my new girl crush, Brianna Scalesse, a T12 para from Connecticut who’s studying at Trinity College. She recently put some amazing dance videos and we have one of her coolest videos here to share with you – the wheelchair twerk. Yes that’s right, this girl has perfected how to twerk in a wheelchair, and holy cow is she good at it.

She makes it look good (and her long hair surely helps for extra movement), but this is not easy sitting down. Granted, she’s probably a size zero, but she shows a wheelchair can’t hold you back from some awesomely sexy dancing. This video I predict will be blowing up on social media soon, but parents take note, the lyrics in this video aren’t censored. Watch Bri do the wheelchair twerk

Our third video starts with a light saber so you know it’s going to be good. Straight from Maria Monterrosa, a wheelchair user and high school improv actor who labels herself as a “future film director,” she just made her first video and titled it, “7 Reasons Why I Like Being In a wheelchair.”

Maria is the epitome of sassy in her video, from her wheelchair spinning and light effects to throwing out dozens of jokes. She may just be a future comedian as well. Watch her video

Fifty years ago we’d never see women in wheelchairs being like this.  I’m so glad to live in 2014. We can be proud, loud strong women in spite of our wheelchairs, and best of all we can now use social media to spread his message with the world.

Do you feel your disability makes you more sassy? Which women in wheelchairs do you admire?

Watch the videos from these women in wheelchairs!

Stephanie Woodward on “How not to hit on someone in a wheelchair”

Brianna Scalesse showing how to twerk in a wheelchair

Maria Monterrosa talking about wheelchair “perks”

SCI Superstar: Chelsie Hill

If you don’t know who Chelsie Hill is by now, it probably means you’re not plugged into the “buzzing” portion of the spinal cord injury community that well, but that’s ok, I’ll forgive you, you’re about to learn all about this gorgeous and resilient 20 year old, one of the stars of Sundance channel’s reality show Push Girls.

Why she’s fearless

Chelsie Hill, a California girl from Pacific Grove, is a newbie when it comes to being paralyzed, yet she’s done so much since it happened it’s insane. She was hurt in 2010 in a car accident (T-10 level) when she was a senior in high school (the car was driven by a drunk driver; she was in the back seat), but Chelsie was back in class in three months. But the amazing part – she began speaking at area schools talking about her story, hoping to prevent future accidents like hers. Right away.

And this was just the beginning of her fighting back. Her dad and her soon founded the Walk and Roll Foundation to assist with her speaking activities. And Chelsie’s life really changed after attending a black tie fundraising gala for Life Rolls On, where she met Auti Angel, founder of the Colours ‘n Motion wheelchair hip-hop dance team. Being a lifelong dancer who mourned her legs, this was what she needed. Chelsie auditioned for the dance team and made it.

After joining the team, Chelsie met all of Auti’s friends, including Angela Rockwood, Tiphany Adams, and Mia Schaikewitz; the crew that would eventually become the five-some for Sundance channel’s reality show, Push Girls, a show Chelsie had the opportunity to be on. HUGE opportunity of a lifetime (and she’s been fun to watch!).

The show revealed a lot about Chelsie’s life, from how her injury brought her closer to her dad to wanting to dance again. They showed her journey into wheelchair dance, including trying out wheelchair ballroom dancing in this fab dress. I highly recommend watching Season One if you want to learn about real-life in a wheelchair.

What’s next

So much is coming up for Chelsie. She just founded her own dance team called Team Hotwheelz and their first performance is coming up October 13, 2012, for her foundation’s first “Dance 4 Life” adapted dance showcase (can’t wait to see a video of this). If you live near Salinas, CA, you should go! (get your tickets here).

Chelsie also is still giving her very important speeches to schools and organizations under her foundation’s newly expanded Rally4Reality program, reaching out to students about making good choices when behind the wheel (watch her speak).

And yay – Push Girls has been renewed for a second season! She’s plenty busy with a camera in her face most days (while she’s brushing her teeth or driving around on California freeways). Definitely look for Season Two sometime in 2013 (most likely around the start of Summer).

Chelsie Hill is one of the best examples of a young person with paralysis keep on, keeping’ on, right from the get go that I’ve EVER seen. Her spirit needs to be bottled and shared with newbies across the world.

Visit her official site

Did you feel motivated to get out of that bed and start living again right away? How did you do it?

Watch the “Best of” Chelsie videos!

Chelsie Hill’s Push Girls bio
Chelsie Hill dances again with her dance crew from high school
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Chelsie Hill dancing with Auti Angel during rehearsal
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