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SCI Superstar: Jordan Bone


Beauty comes in many forms and Jordan Bone, a C6 quad from Norfolk, UK, may be one of the best examples of this age old adage. Injured 10 years ago in a car accident when she was just 15, Jordan has gone on to become one of the internet’s rising makeup vloggers, and 2014 has been her year.

From being honored by the UK’s Prime Minister for her tireless work in road safety to being interviewed by some of UK’s top makeup artists, Jordan’s fame is skyrocketing. A popular motivational speaker for the Fixers organization as well, who knows what the future holds for this dynamic lady.

To see how a woman pulled herself out of depression with just a camera, high quality makeup and an eager audience, read on for the awesome story of Jordan Bone.

Why she’s fearless

Jordan was injured in a car accident, but the accident wasn’t her fault in the least. While walking down the side of a road with a girlfriend one afternoon, some male friends stopped and asked if they needed a ride. Jordan hesitated knowing the driver just got his license, but she agreed to ride him anyways.

The driver ended up driving too quickly, and crashing the car after hitting a puddle. Everyone in the car was ok except Jordan, who sustained a C6 injury. “I knew as I was lying there something was wrong,” she says, as she was trying to move but couldn’t. And after her initial rehab and going back home, Jordan was depressed like many of us also get, unsure of what kind of future held in store for her.

The one thing however that kept her sane in the hospital was keeping up on her makeup skills, which was not easy since she no longer had any finger movement. “There is so much I need help with in day-to-day life,” says Jordan, “being able to at least put on my makeup feels amazing.”

After attending university post-injury (and leaving because she wasn’t happy there), Jordan decided to do something creative with her life, and artistic expression though makeup is one of the things she enjoys the most. She founded her blog – Jordan’s Beautiful Life – a couple of years ago and made it an unique beauty blog, with everything from make-up tutorials to beauty product hauls, but from her SCI perspective.

What’s next?

Recently Jordan received over 10,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel; a huge feat for any blogger. And she was spotlighted by the Prime Minister of the UK on Twitter recently for her advocacy work with the Fixers organization, where she goes to high schools and driving programs talking about the importance of using caution when behind the wheel.

With a fresh face, her boyfriend, mom and her little doggies by her side, Jordan and is ready to take on the world, and gosh darn it does she make it look good.

Have you tried Jordan’s make-up tutorials?

– Visit her blog: Jordan’s Beautiful Life

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SCI Superstar: Chelsea Rae Huggins


A woman of remarkable beauty, Chelsea Rae Huggins is the ultimate meaning of keep on keeping on. Once a rising makeup artist who went on to transform her love of painting faces into painting on the canvas, she truly understands the importance of beauty.

There’s power in beauty and in art, and the art Chelsea Rae (also known as SPINALpedia member raehuggins) has created has garnered her a huge following on Facebook. Her purpose in life is without question to help share beauty with the world. A southern girl with big dreams, read on for the transformative story of Chelsea Rae Huggins.

Why she’s fearless

Four years ago when Chelsea Rae was only 22 years old, she was involved in a motor vehicle accident while riding with friends, and she sustained a C5 incomplete spinal cord injury. At the time of her injury, Chelsea Rae was in school studying make-up artistry; something she loved ever since she was a little girl.

But her dreams of one day opening a salon with makeup artists was put on hold. A dream such as this is much more difficult when you’re paralyzed, not to mention dealing with such an image-centered entire industry.

Chelsea Rae went on to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia to complete her rehab and it was where she discovered the magical item that is the “quad cuff;” a leather-covered piece of plastic that slides over the palm and has tiny pockets that utensils can be slide into. Eye shadow brushes, eyeliner, mascara, you name it.

Despite getting quite good at applying her own make-up, Chelsea Rae knows a career as a professional makeup artist may still be out of the cards. This I’m sure was a difficult realization. Instead of pursuing makeup, she’s now interested in a whole new medium – painting.

While a patient at Shepherd Center, Chelsea Rae was turned onto painting. After using her quad cuff to hold the paintbrush and not doing so hot, she held the paintbrush in her mouth and the rest was history. She became so good she now sells her artwork online and at charity events. Her line is simply known as Mouth Art by Chelsea Rae Huggins.

What’s next?

Chelsea Rae hasn’t put her makeup skills forever on the back-burner however. She may no longer be aspiring to become a makeup artist, but she is back at applying makeup and has made a video showing how to do make-up with no finger movement. In a video on the artsy side, check out Chelsea Rae apply her own make-up

Painting however has become Chelsea Rae’s main passion. Beautiful and bright acrylic paintings, her work will cheer you up. She is now one of the many talented female mouth artists living in the United States, including another SCI superstar we’ve profiled, Mariam Pare.

As we always say with every person we profile – we know having a spinal cord injury is not what you planned for – but it’s what you do with what happens to you that matters – and Chelsea Rae certainly is doing this in the best way possible.

It’s never easy being pretty and she’s got it.

– Visit her Facebook page Mouth Art by Chelsea Rae Huggins.

Have you tried mouth painting? How hard it was it?

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