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SPINALpedia Co-Founder Reflects on Injury Anniversary

15 years ago today I had my spinal cord injury. Every subsequent year since, I chose to CELEBRATE THIS DAY and to reflect on how far I’ve come. My journey is one that luckily I did not have to travel alone. It takes a team for a quadriplegic to live safely in the community and to go after his dreams. As many of you know, I love to WHEEL BIG and DREAM BIG!

My journey started with a loud cracking noise in my neck. I was 18 years old when a wave picked me up and slammed me headfirst against the ocean floor. I spent the next five weeks on a ventilator unable to breathe or speak on my own.

From day one “Team Josh” – family, friends, health care providers, strangers and spinal cord injury community members – came to the rescue and showed me that my future was full of HOPE and great things to come.

Over the past 15 years I am most proud of the following accomplishments:
– Starting a nonprofit (Determined2Heal.org)
– Becoming an uncle
– Forming the world’s largest paralysis video mentoring network (SPINALpedia.com)
– Personally mentoring over 1000+ families
– Graduating from college
– Graduating magna cum laude from law school
– Passing a bill through the Maryland legislature

Over the next 15 years I am most excited to conquer the following accomplishments:
– To change disability employment marital and income regulations in Maryland
– To marry the love of my life
– To become a father
– To change the employment narrative for persons with disabilities across the country

I am so grateful for a strong mind and a beautiful community that has never left my side. I could not have done this JOURNEY WITHOUT YOU and I’m so excited to continue this ❤️JOURNEY WITH YOU❤️

If you have read this far, I would love for you to share something that you are grateful for in 2019 in the comment section below 🙂

SPINALpedia co-founders featured in New Mobility Magazine!

Have you picked up the August 2012 issue of New Mobility Magazine yet? We are VERY excited to share this:


“Sharing the SCI Connection” (page 15) starts with the story of SPINALpedia co-founder Josh Basile and his journey from his injury in 2005 to law school.

“From the beginning, I was absolutely focused on getting better. I took the smallest accomplishments and turned them into big achievements, like getting o the ventilator, saying my fi€rst word, drinking my first soda, eating my €first meal, blowing a cotton ball an inch further through a straw and completing 10 shoulder shrugs.”

The story continues to 2007, when Josh met Britt Martin,

“Josh and I got along off the bat, sharing the SCI connection in addition to the commitment to want to help more people,” she says. They decided to create a mentoring network together soon after their €first meeting.”

Get the article today to read more. This is a big honor for us- we’re thrilled! Please spread it and help us bring more people to SPINALpedia! As always we appreciate your support.

Thanks to New Mobility for featuring us and for Tiffiny Carlson for her wonderful writing skills.