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SCI Superstar: Chuck Bittner


With the tongue-in-cheek gamer nickname ONLYUSEmeFACE, Chuck Bittner is one of the world’s most impressive gamers. As a C5 quadriplegic, Chuck plays console games using only his face and since 2011, he’s been on a mission to bring universal key remapping to the gaming industry.

In layman’s speak – he wants every console game to allow players to change which keys on a controller control movement for gameplay. He has amassed hundreds of signatures over the years, and he’s still pounding the industry hard.

Also a hilarious self-dubbed “can’t stand up comedian,” Chuck has introduced a whole new world into life with quadriplegia. Here is his awesome story.

Why he’s fearless

Growing up in New England, Chuck fell in love with gaming but after a car accident at the age of 20 year, old his love was confronted with a huge problem – he could no longer move his hands. How in the heck was he going to play?  Things were looking blea, but soon he figured out a way to still play, and that was by using his face.

Now 39 years old, and living in Exeter, New Hampshire, Chuck began using one face to play nearly 19 years ago and now it’s his preferred method.  He has gotten so good at it in fact that he started a video channel showing the world how he plays and it now has over 600 videos.  Known as AskaCapper, his site will show whatever his viewers request.

Since being forced to use his face to play, this is now his preferred method. His main gaming love is Call of Duty; a game he’s been playing for years and sometimes even along with his 69 year old dad, who’s one of the oldest players. But his main passion outside an actual gameplay is trying to change the industry, and key remapping to be specific.

In 2011, Chuck began promoting his petition at PAX East, a national gaming conference in Boston, approaching game developers like Sony and the makers of Borderlands, Gearbox Software. While feedback from developers has been mixed, Chuck feverishly tries to persuade developers on the monetary aspect of things as well.

The truth – some games have been changed because of Chuck, but only a few and they’re not well known. A lot of work still needs to be done in this area.

What’s next?

Around four years ago is when Chuck also threw his hat in the comedy ring, joking about everything from sex to being “the inspirational kid.” While his style of comedy may not be for everybody (it’s quite biting), it definitely helps bring home the message that people with spinal cord injuries are still just like everyone else. Watch his standup

After a spinal cord injury, it’s never easy finding your path again and we love how Chuck has found his. An path definitely less traveled, he is committed to making a difference in the gaming and comedy worlds which he resides, and we love him for it.

– Visit his site: AskaCapper.com

Sign the Custom Button reMapping Petition

How have you brought accessibility to your passions?

Watch the videos!

Quadriplegic Can’t Stand Up Comic – Chuck Bittner – AskACapper.com & Gamer!

– More of Chuck’s comedy: Dealing with loss…

PAX East 2011: Chuck “AskACapper” Bittner Interview

Chuck Bittner: Handicap Gamer/Comedian Special Request For Game Devs “ALLOW BUTTON REMAPPING”

Wheel-y funny wheelchair comedy!


There’s an awesome thing that happens when you make fun of yourself – you draw people in. In the comedy world, they call this self-deprecating humor, and Conan O’Brien is the king of it (crazy red hair and lanky long legs never get old). Making people laugh in any shape or form is always an amazing way to connect.

That’s why more and more people with spinal cord injuries are hitting the comedy scene with wheelchair comedy (it’s wheel-y funny!).  It’s one of the most effective ways to, yes, let off a little steam, but it’s also a great way to connect with the able-bodied masses and to show them what life is really like in a wheelchair (and that it’s not all that bad).

Our first video comes from a quadriplegic comedian I just discovered, Chuck Bittner. He’s a C5 quadriplegic from New Hampshire who started doing what he calls “can’t stand up comedy” a couple of years ago. Since he’s from the East Coast, he has a biting comedic style (which I love). In this 5 minute video of one of his best routines, he talks about his website AskaCapper.com, where he answers people’s questions about what it’s like to be disabled. This guy is hysterical.

Now in his thirties, with people always freaking out whenever he gets sick, he gets annoyed of people always thinking he’s going to kick the bucket. “Kick the bucket?” he bemoans. “I can’t kick anything.” He also talks about how a stem cell cure might ruin his comedy routine one day. “Thanks President Obama. Great now I’ll have no material.” Watch his routine

The next video of wheelchair comedy comes from Damon Rozier.  Damon is a paraplegic who got into comedy after going to different clubs and not seeing any disabled comedians. He now does regular stand up at clubs near his home, and he’s known for one of the most infamous parts of this routine – giving someone in the audience a wheelchair lap dance (watch). And we have two more great videos of him – watch his classic rated R stand-up and Damon describing his craft.

And our last video comes from one of the most infamous people in wheelchair comedy to ever make a name for himself (he sadly passed away this year after a 40+ year career), the bristly Brit – Tony Gerrard. He contracted polio as a kid, and became essentially a paraplegic, but that didn’t stop this loveable Cockney-accented man from doing clubs all over the UK and becoming infamous for her wheelchair-laden jokes. He had no problem getting the good seats at football matches, as long as he doesn’t get wiped out in the process, he would always say. Watch his routine on the disabled football team vs. the blind team

Laughing is one of the most healing and cathartic things you can do. Whether you’re making people laugh or you’re on the receiving end, humor can bring people into our world and help them understand, rather than be afraid. Now all we need is a sit-down comedian and some wheel-y funny wheelchair comedy on Comedy Central. It’s gotta happen.

Do you have a favorite comedian with a SCI? Have you discovered humor to be healing?

Watch the wheel-y funny wheelchair comedy!

Chuck Bittner, the “can’t stand up” comedian

Damon Rozier talks about how he got into wheelchair comedy

Damon doing his classic stand-up for a mostly AB crowd

Damon Rozier giving a hysterical lap dance

Tony Gerrard doing stand-up wheelchair comedy