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Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode Adaptive Camping

In the newest episode of our podcast, Life After Paralysis, we chat about the in’s and out’s of adaptive camping, with all-terrain chairs, cots vs. transferring to the ground, tents and accessible lean-to’s and more discussed. Three avid campers on wheels also join in – Greg Niedzielski, Jason Thurston and Ty Hockett. Run-time is 43 minutes.

Guest Profiles:

Ty Hockett: A huge fan of everything outdoors, Ty uses the GRIT Freedom Chair to camp anywhere he pleases. He is a paraplegic and lives in Ohio with his wife Courtney and his dogs. Learn more about Ty

Greg Niedzielski: A US veteran from Michigan, Greg is a paraplegic and loves to camp solo. Growing up in the country, Greg also uses a Freewheelchair attachment to go anywhere he wants outside.

Jason Thurston: A C6 quadriplegic, Jason loves to camp in the Adirondack  Mountains with his friends and son in the accessible lean-to’s found here. He also helps promote the accessibility of this region.

An accessible lean-to in the Adirondack’s.
Jason by his cot in an accessible lean-to.