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Amazing Wheelchair Accessible Homes

Wheelchair or walking, we all want that “dream” house. Maybe it’s not pink with turrets or a giant brick castle like the homes we dreamt of having one day as kids, but they’re still there; a twinkle in our mind’s eye, a bit modified of course now that you gotta use a wheelchair.

No longer do we want a bowling alley or a house with multi-levels. Or maybe you do, and you just want an elevator (or a bunch of really cool artfully placed ramps). But the point is – the ‘dream’ house is certainly a bit different when you use a wheelchair. There’s no question about it.

But oh my can wheelchair accessible homes still be quite beautiful. Read on for three cool videos that show how gorgeous these homes can be, from a draft of a sweet contemporary studio that’s totally accessible to a lake home renovation that’ll make you drool.

Video #1: Accessible Lakeside Cabin Reno

For a video worthy of a HGTV special you gotta check out Mark Schmidt, the founder of Easystand and a T12 para, and his awesome beginning-to-end  renovation video of his 1,000 sq. foot cabin on Diamond Lake. He doesn’t add on to his home, just a full inside gut job to make the place feel more open to the lake.

After living next door in another accessible cabin for 8 months while his cabin is being renovated, he returns to his now-amazing place, and holy cow do I want to be his roommate. His kitchen now has the most crazy awesome cupboard setup and roll-in pantry, plus a massive Viking fridge so he doesn’t need an extra freezer in the garage to have to roll to (he a lot of hungry relatives).

And he added several other changes, like pocket doors, an en suite bathroom, additional entry doors and stunning polished and dyed concrete floors. Check out his beautiful renovation + his tips for anyone interested in taking on their own reno

Video #2: Sketch of Contemporary Studio Space for Wheelchair-Users

For a look at one of the coolest designs we’ve ever seen for an accessible condo or apartment, you gotta check out this video giving viewers a quick look at its ultra chic design. A true studio, meaning there’s no separate bedroom, you wouldn’t even care in this contemporary space where every detail was thought of.

From the gorgeous Asian-inspired entryway with built-in candle votives that line the entire length of the hallway to a roll-in shower bathroom with a metallic tile, there’s no doubt you’ll covet this artful living space. The design was dreamt of by HomeDesignLove.com, and boy do they deserve recognition for their inspired work. Check out their studio space sketch

Video #3: Quad Demos His Favorite Home Modifications

And our last video is of Lester Smith, a C5 quad from Colorado, who recently received some cool home mods from Accessibility Solutions, a local group that helps people live at home independently.

One of the biggest modifications he received was an entry lift into his home, for safety, ease and security (especially in the winter) and he also gives a tour of his recently opened-up kitchen, combining the dining and kitchen in one, making it for easier for him to get around. Watch Lester’s mod home tour

It definitely isn’t cheap to add any of these mods but if you can swing it, there’s nothing quite like creating your dream, perfectly accessible home as a wheelchair-user. When you’re in an environment you love, your happy levels will know no bounds.

How did you create your dream wheelchair accessible home?

– For a look at homemade accessible modifications for the home, check out our post – Save Thousands with Homemade Disability Equipment

Check out the videos!

Easystand CEO Mark Schmidt’s stunning accessible lakeside cabin reno

Architect sketch of a contemporary studio space for a wheelchair-user

Colorado quadriplegic demonstrates home accessibility solutions installed in his home

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