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‘Life After Paralysis’ SPINALpedia’s Official Podcast

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Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode Online Dating with a Spinal Cord Injury

In the latest episode of Life After Paralysis, Tiffiny Carlson interviews two quadriplegics about the travails of online dating after their injuries. She interviews Rob Cella from Thunder Bay, Ontario and Brook McCall from Portland, Oregon.

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Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode Ableism

In the newest episode of our podcast, we cover the topic of Ableism with three people with disabilities – Kelly Narowski, Froy de la Pena and Tim Abbott. A new term for the centuries-old issue of discrimination towards the disabled, Ableism is something every person with a disability experiences.

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Guest Profiles:

Kelly Narowski: A professional speaker, ADA compliance expert and disability advocate, Kelly is a paraplegic from a car accident in the late 1990’s. She is also a military wife and dog lover. Visit her site

– Froy d la Pena: A paraplegic originally from the Phillipines, Froy now lives in Montana.

Tim Abbott: A British man with cerebral palsy living in North Dakota, Tim has an interesting perspective. He also hosts his own podcast/radio called Technical Difficulties.