Guest Post: “An Interabled Couple” Walking Wife, Quadriplegic Husband, Share Story

We moved fast it’s true, but when it’s real love you know it right?!

Hi, we are Emma and Alex, an interabled couple living our happiest life right now. If you are into labels we have a few, Quadriplegic, Interabled, Age gap relationship, Blended family, Disabled, wheelchair user yada yada. Best labels parents,lovers and best friends.

How We Met
We met on the side of a sports hall in 2015. Alex played wheelchair rugby as a c4/5 quadriplegic, and I was his coach’s personal assistant. But I knew nothing about sci.

Emma “He was cute but moody, I fancied him straight away.”
Alex (as his 23 year old self) “FIT, yes please.”

I really looked forward to seeing Alex at rugby every week. I told my mates about him, the response was not fantastic. I find this reaction quite common. It is shocking how narrow minded and naive people still are in this day and age.

First date
Alex text me randomly one day joking about a date, I didn’t think it was a joke and was totally up for it. But Alex says he was putting out feelers as he wasn’t sure if I was interested.

It took over a week to sort it out, this man was tough to pin down. Alex says it’s because he was too nervous of the complications involved with going on a date. For example assisted car transfers and potential toilet visits.
He told me we could only go on a date if I would lift him in and out the car. I had no idea what he meant, thought he was having a laugh but agreed anyway.

We made it a week later, I told him if he was late picking me up after making me wait for this date I wouldn’t be going… He arrived at eleven on the dot.

First kiss
I sat on a bench next to him, we were at a butterfly farm. It was beautiful. He gave me butterflies and made me laugh so much. A group was standing nearby and when they moved Alex said “I thought they would never leave”. He leaned over, put his hand round my head and pulled me in for the best kiss ever.

Meeting the kids
The kids had googled Alex as he had been part of the GB development squad. I told them all about him before him visiting. They were in awe of him, they thought he was famous because he was on google.

Moving in together, fast
Alex wanted to stay at mine so he often slept on the floor. After a week or so he invested in an inflatable bed. The lease on my home was up and It wasn’t accessible either. We moved in together less than two months after becoming an official interabled couple.

Leap year love, time to propose
The children helped me propose to my incredible man. We made a scratchcard that asked him to be their Daddy and marry their Mum, it was adorable. He was sensible enough to agree!

SCI wedding vibes
Finding an accessible venue is not as easy as it appears, carpets are not accessible to Alex and many other Quadriplegics. Neither are stairs to the honeymoon suite or ‘slight inclines’.
We decided against the tradition of church and then onto a reception venue because of transfers in his suit. Alex wanted as little assistance as possible.
So we opted for an all in one place with accommodation on the ground floor. Hyde Barn was the venue, New years eve was the date.

Suited and booted
My wedding dress had to be fitted closely to avoid spilling into Alex’s wheels. Alex had to have a few fittings to get his jacket to sit well. We looked AMAZING!

Wedding day surprise, secret guest on board
The day was beautiful, we had a few wheelchair users as guests and there was plenty of room for all. Alex’s Father made a great speech about how Alex was his inspiration and how well he had triumphed after his injury.

Alexs’ speech was the moment to reveal that we had in fact made ourselves a new addition to the family. We had a son on board. Arriving June 2017. His conception is a whole other story!

Happy New Year
We started 2017 as a married couple, a complete family, just normal, albeit interabled. About to enjoy the journey – together.

2020 – The next chapter
We are sharing our continued journey in our blog an interabled couple, with hindsight and love to open people’s eyes to our reality. And also as inspiration for people in similar situations to show that life happens when you’re not expecting it to.

Would we have imagined all of this in one year? No. Alex says he never thought he would be able to have kids, never mind a whole blended family in a year. Five years later here we are, still crazy in love.

Be open to your own journey.

With love Emma and Alex.

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