Monthly Archives: January 2020

Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode #10: Adaptive Driving

Are you interested in driving again? Listen to our January podcast on adaptive driving! In this podcast, we chat with four people with SCI who drive. They share what it took for them to get back behind the wheel, as well as the technology and driving schools they utilized.

Our guests include: Heather Wood, a mom with Guillain-Barré syndrome (presents like C7 quadriplegia), Mike Gerhard, a paraplegic who’s been using hand controls for 20 years, Kenneth Folkman, a paraplegic who makes custom VW hand controls, and Kimberly Ivory, a C7 quadriplegic from Houston, Texas who just got her license. Listen below.

Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode #9: Overcoming Relationships Ending Post-Injury

In episode 9 and the last episode of 2020, Tiffiny is joined by Brandon, a father of 4 who’s been injured for only one year following a motorcycle accident and has already been through so much, including depression, a relationship ending and losing his job. He shares his story and how he’s making it through this difficult time in his life. We want to give Brandon a HUGE thanks for his story.  He reminds us all that human resiliency is one of the greatest traits of our species. Listen below.