Finding a Job in the Federal Government

Finding a job while living with a spinal cord injury can be difficult. The job search process can seem daunting, and people may find it nerve-wracking to disclose certain information about their disabilities to potential employers. However, there are many options that make finding employment more accessible to people with disabilities. One option is working for the federal government through Schedule A. If you have a spinal cord injury and are seeking employment, you may be eligible for a Schedule A job through the federal government.

What is Schedule A?

Schedule A is a hiring system through the federal government that focuses on hiring employees with significant disabilities. Through Schedule A, workers with disabilities do not have to compete against non-disabled workers for a position. When you are hired as a Schedule A employee, you are put on a probationary period. If a Schedule A employee receives positive reviews from their employer at the end of their probationary period, they become eligible for conditional, non-probationary employment.

You are not guaranteed a job under Schedule A. To apply and be hired as a Schedule A applicant, you must meet the necessary qualifications for the job. This means you must convey your knowledge, skills, and any relevant experience on your application. If you are qualified, you will be given preference through your Schedule A status.

There is no specific list of Schedule A jobs. Schedule A is not a job classification; Schedule A functions as an applicant status, where eligible applicants are given preference for federal government jobs because of their Schedule A status. You can apply for any federal government job with your Schedule A status.

Am I Eligible?

There are several different factors that make someone eligible for Schedule A status. If you receive state disability benefits, veteran benefits, or Social Security disability benefits, you are eligible for consideration under Schedule A. If you receive services through a State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (VR), you are also eligible for consideration under Schedule A. Lastly, if you had an Individualized Education Plan or Section 504 plan in school, or if you require accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you are eligible for consideration under Schedule A.

To become eligible for Schedule A status, you must receive a letter from a doctor, VR counselor, medical professional, or an agency that proves your disability benefits. This letter must state that you have a significant disability and that you can perform the necessary duties of the job at hand.

How Do I Apply as a Schedule A Applicant?

To apply as a Schedule A applicant, you must first submit all necessary application materials for the position. After submitting your application, contact the person listed on the job application right away. This person may be a Human Resources employee, a Hiring Manager, or a Recruitment Specialist. Contact the employee and let them know that you would like to be considered as a Schedule A applicant. This person will then ask you for your Schedule A documentation, or they will direct you to submit documentation to the agency’s Disability Program Manager. If your documentation is valid, you will be considered for the position under Schedule A.

Schedule A is a very useful hiring system for people with spinal cord injuries. Under Schedule A, people with disabilities are given opportunities to succeed in the workplace and find fulfillment through employment. If you believe you are eligible for Schedule A status, ask your doctor, VR counselor, or disability benefits agency for the necessary documentation. Under Schedule A, you may find the right job for you!

If you have any questions about applying for federal government jobs under Schedule A, contact us today.

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