Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode Moving On After a Life-Changing Event

In the newest episode of our podcast, Life After Paralysis, we talk to four people with paralysis to get insight on how they moved on from what is considered one of the most catastrophic injuries that can happen to a human being. How did you do it? How does anyone do it? Listen to this podcast below.


Guests Featured

Darin Scott from Oklahoma (2:40 mins): Paralyzed a few years ago, he shares moving on in a rural area and with an incomplete injury.
Jason Thurston from Maine (28:30): Paralyzed in his 30s, married and with kids, he shares how helping others helped him.
Justin Nettik from Wyoming (51:30): A passionate hunter, he shares how his love of the outdoors helped him heal.
Lindsey Freysinger from Oregon (113:15): An incomplete quad, she shares her journey dealing with chronic pain.

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