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Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode Moving On After a Life-Changing Event

In the newest episode of our podcast, Life After Paralysis, we talk to four people with paralysis to get insight on how they moved on from what is considered one of the most catastrophic injuries that can happen to a human being. How did you do it? How does anyone do it? Listen to this podcast below.


Guests Featured

Darin Scott from Oklahoma (2:40 mins): Paralyzed a few years ago, he shares moving on in a rural area and with an incomplete injury.
Jason Thurston from Maine (28:30): Paralyzed in his 30s, married and with kids, he shares how helping others helped him.
Justin Nettik from Wyoming (51:30): A passionate hunter, he shares how his love of the outdoors helped him heal.
Lindsey Freysinger from Oregon (113:15): An incomplete quad, she shares her journey dealing with chronic pain.

SPINALpedia Co-Founder Reflects on Injury Anniversary

15 years ago today I had my spinal cord injury. Every subsequent year since, I chose to CELEBRATE THIS DAY and to reflect on how far I’ve come. My journey is one that luckily I did not have to travel alone. It takes a team for a quadriplegic to live safely in the community and to go after his dreams. As many of you know, I love to WHEEL BIG and DREAM BIG!

My journey started with a loud cracking noise in my neck. I was 18 years old when a wave picked me up and slammed me headfirst against the ocean floor. I spent the next five weeks on a ventilator unable to breathe or speak on my own.

From day one “Team Josh” – family, friends, health care providers, strangers and spinal cord injury community members – came to the rescue and showed me that my future was full of HOPE and great things to come.

Over the past 15 years I am most proud of the following accomplishments:
– Starting a nonprofit (
– Becoming an uncle
– Forming the world’s largest paralysis video mentoring network (
– Personally mentoring over 1000+ families
– Graduating from college
– Graduating magna cum laude from law school
– Passing a bill through the Maryland legislature

Over the next 15 years I am most excited to conquer the following accomplishments:
– To change disability employment marital and income regulations in Maryland
– To marry the love of my life
– To become a father
– To change the employment narrative for persons with disabilities across the country

I am so grateful for a strong mind and a beautiful community that has never left my side. I could not have done this JOURNEY WITHOUT YOU and I’m so excited to continue this ❤️JOURNEY WITH YOU❤️

If you have read this far, I would love for you to share something that you are grateful for in 2019 in the comment section below 🙂