Life After Paralysis podcast: Episode Ableism

In Episode #2 of Life After Paralysis, Tiffiny holds a roundtable discussion on the topic of Ableism with three people with disabilities – Kelly Narowski, Froy de la Pena and Tim Abbott. A new term for the centuries-old issue of discrimination towards the disabled, Ableism is something every person with a disability experiences.

  • Listen here or in the player below. Run-time is 55 minutes.
  • Listen on iTunes here

Guest Profiles:

Kelly Narowski: A professional speaker, ADA compliance expert and disability advocate, Kelly is a paraplegic from a car accident in the late 1990’s. She is also a military wife and dog lover. Visit her site

– Froy d la Pena: A paraplegic originally from the Phillipines, Froy now lives in Montana.

Tim Abbott: A British man with cerebral palsy living in North Dakota, Tim has an interesting perspective. He also hosts his own podcast/radio called Technical Difficulties.

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